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Member of Parliament urges to solve problems with crossing EAEU borders

Kyrgyzstan cannot solve many problems with crossing borders within the Eurasian Economic Union being the member of the Union for five years. Deputy Osmon Turdumanbetov announced at a meeting of the Parliament today.

He noted the obstacles to the movement of citizens and goods of the Kyrgyz Republic on the territory of the EAEU.

«Despite membership in the EAEU, we cannot resolve the issue of increasing the number of flights to Russia and reduction of price of tickets. They already require a lot of documents. Our citizens are forced to travel through Istanbul. Number of flights in Turkey has been increased from five to seven per week. Our exporters cannot export their goods. We can’t really control the border, huge tax losses. Have we entered the EAEU to drive old cars? The elections have passed. Solve the problem,» the deputy addressed the Government.

Osmon Turdumanbetov reminded the Cabinet of Ministers of the promises of drastic economic reforms.