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Scientists: Road transport – main source of air pollution in Bishkek

Road transport most of all pollutes the air in Bishkek. Deputy Director of the State Environmental Protection Agency, Eldiyar Sheripov, said at a meeting of the Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex of the Parliament with reference to the data of the National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan.

According to him, 80 percent of air pollution in the city is the share of vehicles, 24 percent — newly built quarters and 8 percent — the Heating and Power Plant.

«But the information given by the Academy of Sciences does not inspire confidence, since we have other data as well,» Eldiyar Sheripov said.

According to him, provision of the population with natural gas did not contribute to reduction of smog in the capital.

«Provision of newly built quarters with gas continues, but people do not use the fuel for heating. They use it for cooking only, because gas prices are higher than coal prices,» Eldiyar Sheripov said.