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National Bank increases its share in authorized capital of Keremet Bank

The National Bank of Kyrgyzstan acquired 27 million more shares of Keremet Bank, increasing its share in its capital. The Kyrgyz Stock Exchange reports.

The transaction took place on December 30, 2020. It became the largest in 2020, taking up a 24 percent share of total share placements for the year.

As a result of the transaction, the share of the National Bank increased from 5.8 billion soms to 8.5 billion soms. Now the National Bank holds 97.45 percent of the bank’s shares.

Since October 2018, the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic has become the main holder of the bank’s block of shares, whose share after the next issue in May 2019 amounted to more than 95 percent. Keremet Bank OJSC is the legal successor of the rights, assets and obligations of Rosinbank OJSC.