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SCO mission recognizes snap elections in Kyrgyzstan as open, free and legitimate

Mission of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) recognized the past presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan as open, free and legitimate. The head of the mission and Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Vladimir Norov, stated at a press conference.

On January 10, at the invitation of the Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan, the SCO conducted a mission to observe the preparation and holding of early presidential elections in the Kyrgyz Republic and a referendum on the form of government in the country.

«The invitation of international observers is regarded as the striving of Kyrgyzstan for ensuring the maximum openness, transparency and democratic character of the election process,» the head of the SCO mission said.

According to him, the SCO observer mission did not register any violations in the snap presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan and the referendum on the form of government in the country.

«The mission members visited about 50 polling stations in Bishkek. The host country created all the necessary conditions for monitoring. Comprehensive information was provided on the election campaign and referendum. Authorized representatives of presidential candidates, observers from political parties and public associations, as well as a number of international organizations and media representatives were present at polling stations. There were no complaints or remarks from the authorized representatives and observers during the electoral process to the representatives of the missions,» Vladimir Norov told.

He also stressed that the polling stations were equipped with all the necessary equipment and inventory for the elections. All conditions and opportunities were created for citizens with disabilities.

«The presidential candidates carried out campaigning on equal terms through the media and by organizing mass events, as well as publishing and distributing campaign materials,» the head of the mission and SCO Secretary General noted.

Snap elections and referendum were held in accordance with the current legislation of Kyrgyzstan and the international obligations assumed by the Kyrgyz Republic. The mission did not note any violations of the norms of the national electoral legislation.

SCO Secretary General Vladimir Norov

«The SCO mission recognized the past elections as open, free and legitimate,» Vladimir Norov said.