USD 84.80
EUR 102.40
RUB 1.15

Exchange rate of U.S. dollar again exceeds 83 soms in Kyrgyzstan

Exchange rate of the U.S. dollar has been fluctuating for a month in Kyrgyzstan. After a drop last week, the currency started appreciating again.

Now the dollar is bought for 82.6-82.8 soms, and sold for 82.9-83.1 soms. Over the past three days, it has appreciated by a som.

The nominal rate was set by the National Bank at 82,7098 soms (1.01 percent growth).

Exchange rate of euro remains stable. Now it is bought for 99.7-100.7 soms, and sold for 101.5-102 soms. The official exchange rate is 101,2285 soms (1.31 percent growth).