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Russian and Kyrgyz postal operators launch new money transfer service

Russian and Kyrgyz postal operators launched a new PosTransfer money transfer service between the two states. The State Registration Service reported.

The service allows to instantly make postal money transfers, which become available for receipt immediately after sending. You can receive a money transfer at any post office connected to the service. In Russia, the service is provided by more than 30,000 post offices, in Kyrgyzstan — more than 400.

The transfer limit is 300,000 rubles.

«The currency of sending and receiving in Russia is Russian rubles, in Kyrgyzstan — Kyrgyz soms. The service fee is 1.2 percent, which is charged to the sender. It is important that payment of the transfer in Russia can be made at home,» said Alena Bocharova, Advisor for Financial Technologies and Products of the Russian Post.

Representatives of the postal operator of Kyrgyzstan emphasize that the PosTransfer service enables migrants from Kyrgyzstan to send transfers to relatives living in remote regions where there are no banks. The exchange of transfers also operates with the postal operator of Armenia. It is expected that in the future the geography of the service will expand, and it will be possible to make transfers to other countries through the system.