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Kyrgyzstan’s Finca Bank to limit transfers from Sberbank and Tinkoff Bank

Kyrgyzstan’s Finca Bank will limit transfers from Sberbank and Tinkoff Bank. From May 5, the bank will suspend accepting transfers from Sberbank Online mobile application, and from the middle of the month it will also limit them for Tinkoff Bank application. Statements on the credit institution’s website say.

Restrictions on transfers from Sberbank Online application will be applied to all Finca Bank clients, while in the case of Tinkoff Mobile they will remain available to citizens of Kyrgyzstan. Foreigners will no longer be able to transfer money this way.

Finca Bank did not name a specific date when restrictions for Tinkoff Mobile will start to take effect. The Bank reminded customers about the availability of alternative ways to transfer funds before the introduction of restrictions.

It was reported on April 2 that the payment system of Kyrgyzstan stops servicing Mir cards. Service ceased due to the termination of relations with NSPKJSC. The decision was taken to minimize the risk of secondary sanctions.