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Outbreak of unknown disease in India: Number of cases exceeds 800 people

The number of cases of an unidentified disease in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh for two days exceeded 800 people. The new data were announced by the local authorities. A day earlier, 350 cases and one death were reported. RIA Novosti reports.

At least 848 cases have already been registered since December 5. By December 7, at least 332 people have been discharged from hospitals.

The outbreak of an unknown disease in Andhra Pradesh and its environs began last Sunday. People complained of dizziness, epilepsy, sudden fainting spells, froth at the mouth, and trembling. The authorities say the unknown disease does not spread from person to person.

Doctors conducted a number of examinations of the victims, but failed to establish the cause of the ailments. The Times of India suggested that toxic organochlorine compounds and mosquito repellents could be the cause of the disease. The authorities suspect that water pollution with heavy metals, organophosphates and pesticides could have caused the disease. The unidentified disease, in their opinion, has nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic.