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Sadyr Japarov announces economic amnesty

«With the powers granted to me, I officially declare an economic amnesty,» the acting President and Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov said in his appeal.

According to him, huge tasks are currently assigned to all branches of government. Sadyr Japarov himself acts as both the head of state and the prime minister.

At the same time, the head of the Cabinet decided to carry out an economic amnesty in order to replenish the state budget, including finding additional resources, return capital previously illegally transferred outside the state, including offshore zones, and bring the shadow resources of the business community into the legal framework.

In addition, he wants, through the amnesty, to create equal conditions for all business entities, achieve positive macroeconomic indicators, find the necessary funds to support the country’s economy in the shortest possible time and ensure payment of external debt.

Sadyr Japarov is sure that over the past 30 years, systemic corruption schemes have flourished in such industries as energy, customs and tax services, drug supply, licensing, subsoil use and others.

«In this regard, I give 30 days to corrupt officials who organized criminal schemes, profited from the common people, robbing them; former officials who hold shares of various companies; officials who illegally took possession of shares of large enterprises by means of raider seizure; entrepreneurs who evade taxes; individual officials who are involved in violation of the current legislation or who assist in committing these acts; heads of ministries and departments; customs officers and financiers. I would like them to disclose everything by themselves and provide real information about the facts,» he said.

I demand to return everything that was acquired by you to the state treasury!

Sadyr Japarov

He demanded to voluntarily reimburse every penny illegally received from the state, as well as disclose and provide information about hidden property and capital.

«Nothing else is needed! For now, I give you time and opportunity. A legal framework will be prepared for economic amnesty and legalization of funds, movable and immovable property in a short time. If you do not take advantage of this opportunity and ignore the economic amnesty, the most stringent measures will be taken in accordance with the law,» the Prime Minister warns.

«I promise you this, we will reveal the property, capital of each of you, wherever they are. Let me remind you that the economic amnesty will be applied only once, there will be no other opportunity. Therefore, you should think carefully and take this opportunity. Legalize your capital and acquired property to pay taxes on them. Make domestic investments. Return and invest money in our economy. I guarantee the inviolability of the declared property and income. Exemption from all types of punishment. Confidentiality will be respected in voluntarily declaring of property and income,» he said.