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Schoolchildren in Bishkek to continue their education online

Bishkek schoolchildren — students of 1-6 grades — will continue their education online. Press service of the Bishkek City Hall reported.

Such a recommendation was made by the head of the Center for State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, Chief Sanitary Doctor of Bishkek, Kuban Kundashev. The Education Department of the City Hall listened to it. At the same time, the City Hall noted that they were ready to start education in the traditional format at any moment. The buildings and adjoining areas of schools were disinfected, each head was familiarized with the algorithm of actions to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection when the activities of educational organizations of the Kyrgyz Republic are resumed.

According to the algorithm, each school has an entrance filter, has to comply with mask requirement, each teacher and class teacher is obliged to ensure air conditions, and will keep a health journal for each child.

«In September, 439 children at the age 7 — 16 with ARVI were registered in Bishkek, 425 children — for two weeks of October, and 33 — with coronavirus infection. Children receive treatment according to the algorithms of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic,» the City Hall noted.

The City Hall added that according to the WHO recommendations, if the number of students with respiratory viral infections exceeds more than 20 percent, the educational process should be immediately interrupted.

Only first-graders attended educational institutions of Kyrgyzstan since September 1, the rest of the children learned remotely. From October 6, students of 2-6 grades were supposed to start attending schools. However, due to the unrest after the parliamentary elections, all students were transferred to online education.