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One-third of Osh residents believe that courts protect only the rich

Experts of Coalition Against Torture in Kyrgyzstan conducted a study on whether citizens trust the courts and the police. The respondents were residents of Osh city.

According to the survey, 32 percent of those living in the southern capital believe that the court protects the rights and interests of only wealthy citizens, and 17.3 percent believe that the courts do not differentiate those applied. At the same time, one percent of the residents associates the concept of «court» with lawlessness, 6.7 percent — with justice, 9 percent — with bias, 11 percent — with corruption and 23.3 percent — with legality.

At the same time, 43.3 percent in general trust the police. About 22 percent of the respondents said that they had previously had a negative experience of violation of their rights and freedoms by law enforcement officers, 50 percent of citizens said that, according to their subjective assessment, the law only works to protect persons who have either power or money. At least 6.2 percent consider it the right tactic to stay away from law enforcement officers.

Despite the rather high level of assessment of the work of local law enforcement agencies, 275 respondents (91.7 percent) do not exclude the possibility of arbitrariness and lawlessness towards them or their relatives on the part of law enforcement officials.

On the contrary, 8.3 percent of the respondents believe that arbitrariness on the part of the police in relation to them or their relatives is impossible.

At least 81 percent of the citizens believe that the state is obliged to develop effective measures to build tolerance to proven cases of violence, including the smallest, and call for transparent reporting by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Committee for National Security, and the prosecutor’s office on each case of disciplinary or criminal punishment for violations of human rights, torture, arbitrariness, not so much through numbers, how much through facts and details.

The respondents stress that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General’s Office should stop the practice of replicating unrealistic rates of crime detection.