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Russian video blogger Ilya Varlamov releases report on Bishkek

A well-known Russian video blogger and journalist Ilya Varlamov released an almost hour-long report from Bishkek.

He described what the capital of Kyrgyzstan looks like today and criticized the authorities.

«The authorities of Bishkek dislike people so much that they turned the city into one big billboard and destroyed the roads. There are markets in underground walkways and at every corner, and gas filling stations instead of playgrounds in the yards. Complete degradation of the urban environment makes the capital of Kyrgyzstan absolutely uninhabitable. But, what is interesting, people do not just live here, many of them do not see problems at all and defend their city,» Ilya Varlamov said.

The Russian journalist arrived in Bishkek on September 2. The next day he went to explore the city. The journalist immediately noted the poor quality of the capital’s roads during a morning run. «If I don’t break my legs here today, on these sidewalks, then I have nothing more to fear. It’s dangerous to explore the city on the run,» he said.