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Customs Service clarifies algorithm of passage through Torugart checkpoint

Work of Torugart checkpoint on the Kyrgyz-Chinese state border has been resumed. Press service of the State Customs Service reports.

In connection with the current situation related to COVID-19 pandemic, as well as in order to prevent its cross-border spread across the Kyrgyz-Chinese state border, the movement of goods and transport through Torugart checkpoint has been temporarily suspended since early February.

As a result of bilateral negotiations, an agreement was reached on the resumption of cargo transportation in compliance with sanitary and quarantine measures and the following algorithm:

  • Vehicles (tractors) without trailers will leave Kyrgyzstan to carry out import of goods from the PRC. The re-hitching will be carried out near the border in a specially prepared area. In its turn, delivery of cargo vehicles with goods will be carried out from China for further re-hitching, as well as loading of containers;
  • State control at the border will be carried out in relation to the driver and vehicle before leaving Torugart checkpoint to the place determined for re-hitching. At the same time, drivers must have personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, disinfectants) with them;
  • In order to re-hitch or reload containers, the driver from the Kyrgyz side must stop the vehicle at a strictly designated place. Drivers are prohibited from leaving the cab until the completion of the hitching operations and arrival at Torugart checkpoint;
  • At the entrance of tractors with cargo to Torugart checkpoint before the border control, actions will be taken in relation to the drivers, provided for by the algorithm approved by the Ministry of Health. After implementation of border control in relation to the vehicle, sanitary and epidemiological surveillance will be carried out;
  • The algorithm provides for the passage of Kyrgyz tractors with Chinese trailers to the places of customs clearance, as well as the reloading of goods on the territory of Torugart checkpoint for further travel to the destination. In this case, in case of reloading, the actions of the regulatory authorities, in addition to border control and sanitary and epidemiological supervision, are carried out after the completion of reloading operations;
  • If the goods are subject to veterinary and / or phytosanitary control, customs operations will be carried out only after receiving a corresponding certified permit issued by the veterinary and / or phytosanitary control authorities;
  • Once the goods are delivered and unloaded, Kyrgyz tractors will deliver empty Chinese trailers to the re-hitching site near the Chinese border.

When organizing the movement of goods on the section of the Kyrgyz-Chinese border, all the necessary sanitary and epidemiological measures will be observed, direct contact between the drivers of the two countries will be excluded.