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Kyrgyzstan creates unified register of business problems

An interdepartmental working group under the Agency for the Promotion and Protection of Investments discussed selection criteria for a unified register of business problems in Kyrgyzstan. The International Business Council (IBC) reported.

The register is being created to strengthen public-private dialogue and form a feedback system. Thanks to it, a unified information field about business problems will be created, they will be systematized and described.

«There is no single database of business problems now. Each state body and communication platform (councils of different levels, the Institute of Business Ombudsman) have their own separate bases of problems and appeals of entrepreneurs,» the IBC notes.

In addition, such a register will provide an opportunity to track the status of problem solving online, in particular, by the initiators themselves — entrepreneurs and other interested parties.

The register will make it possible to detect the main causes of problems — imperfection of legislation and administrative procedures, incompetence of government agencies.

«Information and analytical support will be organized for government bodies and decision-makers on issues of development policy and support for entrepreneurship. In addition, thanks to the register, a timely adjustment of the state policy on the development of entrepreneurship will take place. The register of problems will become an integral part of the unified electronic platform for monitoring the National Development Strategy for 2018-2040, in which a separate section is devoted to entrepreneurship,» the IBC concluded.

The draft government decree on the procedure for formation and maintenance of the unified register of business problems has been submitted for public discussion. All suggestions and comments from business representatives were taken into account. In addition, this project has undergone repeated discussions with representatives of the business community and the Institute of the Business Ombudsman.