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Campaign timed to International Clean Air Day held in Bishkek

MoveGreen NGO together with UNDP in Kyrgyzstan held a campaign timed to coincide with the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies.

«The UN declared September 7 as the International Day of Clean Air and Blue Skies this year. Air pollution is a problem in many countries and cities. This year it is of particular relevance, because diseases spread more through polluted air,» an ecologist Baktygul Stakeeva told.

The goal of the campaign, as the activist noted, is to reduce the impact of polluted air on people’s health by informing society about this problem.

«As part of the campaign, we ask the townspeople to promise to contribute to air purification. To do this, a person must think and write what he or she could do to improve air quality: plant a tree, not to throw garbage, and so on. Thus, we urge not only the government, but also ordinary citizens to actively participate in the preservation of the environment,» Baktygul Stakeeva said.

The volunteers told the townspeople that the air can be purified by insulating the house and switching it to gas heating, thereby reducing the consumption of coal. «It is also important to use cars as little as possible, replacing them with alternative eco-friendly types of transport, if possible, and sort garbage,» the activists summed up.