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Kyrgyzstanis name country's problems: Unemployment, coronavirus, corruption

Kyrgyzstanis have named unemployment, coronavirus and corruption as the country’s most serious problems. Such data are presented in a study by SIAR Research and Consulting, which was ordered by the Center for Insights in Survey Research of the International Republican Institute.

At least 1,223 Kyrgyzstanis aged 18 and above took part in the sociological survey. They could name several spheres in which the residents of the republic face serious problems.

At least 61 percent of respondents named economy and unemployment, 51 percent — coronavirus, 49 percent — corruption.

Many citizens noted difficulties in the social sphere. At least 38 percent of residents of the Kyrgyz Republic believe that healthcare is a serious problem for our country, 24 percent of respondents named education. Migration was named by 15 percent.

The research covered economic and political issues, upcoming elections and the fight against coronavirus.

The sociological survey was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).