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Volunteers tell about first results of meeting with President of Kyrgyzstan

After the volunteers met with the President of Kyrgyzstan, they felt global changes in the work of state authorities, Chairman of the Center of Initiative Youth, Askar Almaz uulu, told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, a group is actively working in WhatsApp messenger, in which heads of the Presidential Administration, members of the Government and other officials participate.

«If today one person calls us and says that he or she has problems with hospitalization, we just send this message to the group, explain the situation. The entire state system immediately begins to work to save one person. I think this is a great result. It turned out that there are many good people in the vertical of power who want to work for the good of the people. But there is also a large number of officials who are not worthy to occupy the positions they hold today,» the activist said.

We think that the meeting of the President with the volunteers is a historic event.

Askar Almaz uulu

However, he and the TV presenter Erkin Ryskulbekov, answering questions of 24.kg news agency, noted that the meeting with the head of the Kyrgyz Republic influenced not all the problem areas.

«As you yourself have noticed, the shift was on point issues. I asked to declare mourning for the victims of the pandemic. July 30 was declared the Day of Mourning. As for the bill on Manipulating Information, I asked to veto it, the president sent it back for revision. There is some progress here. However, systemic problems have not yet been studied: payment of compensations to doctors, their rehabilitation, vitaminization; issues of graduates of orphanages remained unresolved,» Erkin Ryskulbekov said.

On July 21, the head of state decided to meet with activists of the volunteer movement who help doctors in the fight against coronavirus and community-acquired pneumonia.