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Kyrgyzstanis in Europe raise money for hospitals in republic

Kyrgyzstanis living in Europe have raised €5,000 for purchase of necessary medical products for the regions of the country. Volunteer Jamila Osmonova told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, the activists used this money to purchase PPE, oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters and aids.

«Due to the fact that we are not aware of equipping of hospitals in Kyrgyzstan and complete situation in the regions, the decision was made on the basis of information from doctors and experts. Applications were received directly from hospitals and medical institutions of the republic. To begin with, we sent the assistance to Ala-Buka Territorial Hospital. The doctors and nurses of the district were deeply moved by our attention. We hope that the assistance provided will help them overcome the wave of COVID-19,» she told.

Jamila Osmonova stressed that 10-11 people raise the money. They live in different countries of Europe: Poland, Germany, Amsterdam and the Czech Republic.

It is noted that they will continue helping the hospitals of the Kyrgyz Republic in the future, the volunteers are raising funds again.