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Elections 2020: Parties with new faces to get support only in Bishkek

Political parties with new faces will get support of the people only in Bishkek. Expert Burul Usmanaly told 24.kg news agency.

Political organizations began renewing their compositions before the upcoming 2020 parliamentary elections. It is noteworthy that the leaders invite young Kyrgyzstanis with an active civic position.

According to Burul Usmanaly, residents of the capital want to see new faces, but do not forget that Bishkek is not the whole country.

«People in the regions practically do not know new politicians, so the situation is ambiguous. Civil society is stronger in the capital. The renewed parties will have good success and votes here and a little in Chui region. It may not work in the regions, there is a Kyrgyz-speaking population who do not know new people in political associations. The regions are more conservative, they only know old politicians,» she said.

I think that those parties that have showed themselves to the people at protests and rallies will have a great advantage.

Burul Usmanaly

She noted that those political organizations that opposed the bill on Manipulating Information will also receive good support. True, only urban youth will take their side.

«As for the old parties, which recruited a lot of young people, this will certainly increase their chances. There is a support group of friends and relatives behind each young person. New people joined the established political associations, because they could not create their own, each of them has its own ambitions,» the expert believes.

«We are not mature enough to be ready for an ideological approach. The institution of the party has probably not yet become key in our country. Individuals, not political organizations, are still a priority. Everyone looks at persons, but not at programs and plans,» Burul Usmanaly said.