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Election: Anar Musabaeva tells why not all young people will get into Parliament

New faces in political parties may not be included in final party lists. Political analyst Anar Musabaeva told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, political organizations will gain an advantage, if young people who have a certain weight and authority in their fields of activity really appear in their ranks.

«The youth, most likely, will be used to attract votes of a separate part of the electorate, to attract sympathy. But I think that one should not harbor illusions that the new composition of the Parliament will be really and qualitatively renewed. We must wait for the congresses of parties and the final lists of candidates for deputies. Today it is difficult to say that young people, who are declared as the backbone of the parties, will get into Parliament,» Anar Musabaeva said.

There is a probing of public opinion now. The reaction is being tested: to what extent the society considers a mix of old politicians with new ones acceptable, in what proportion the electorate is ready to accept such a mix.

Anar Musabaeva

The expert stressed that some of the new nominees will leave the party lists themselves.

«Because there is an agreement with them on certain resources: information, PR skills. Of course, if young people remain in the official lists, it will bring some dividends. But do not forget that almost no one in the regions knows the newly made politicians. The situation will depend on how good the parties will work in the regions,» she said.