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24.kg news agency congratulates Kyrgyzstanis on Kurman Ait

Kurman Ait is one of the holy holidays among the Muslims. It symbolizes the purity of thoughts and aspirations and calls everyone to morality, tolerance and noble deeds.

A rite of sacrifice should be performed on this special day and most of it should be distributed among those in need.

Kurman Ait is a symbol of kindness, mercy and care for others, regardless of their nationality and religion. This is a holiday of hope for the best and faith in the future.

Traditionally, the holiday begins with ait namaz on the square. But the coronavirus pandemic has made its adjustments this year. Spend the day with your family.

The team of 24.kg news agency congratulates the Kyrgyzstanis on Kurman Ait. We wish peace, goodness and health to you and your loved ones!