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Sergei Ponomarev: It is necessary to simplify tax administration

«We need to simplify tax administration, in order even ordinary citizens could understand it,» Deputy Business Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan Sergei Ponomarev said at public hearings today.

According to him, the State Tax Service has become a ministry, not a department that only administers taxes, but does not determine policies in this area. For example, the Article 5 of the Tax Code does not work today. According to it, the STS has the right to withdraw claims to business in case of a conflict.

«This should not be at the level of a law, but a duty. Time has come to make innovative decisions in order to get on a civilized track. Our neighbors — Kazakhstan — are ahead in these steps, and we are going around in circles. The time has come to comprehend and change. According to the National Strategy for Sustainable Development, Kyrgyzstan should get into the top 40 countries in administration. A couple of years ago we were on the 150th place in tax administration, and today — on the 117th place. Is it possible in this situation to get into the top 40? I think, it is not,» Sergei Ponomarev said.