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Eight roadblocks removed, three relocated in Bishkek

Commandant of Bishkek signed an order on replacement of military personnel and optimization of activities of roadblocks (posts) in Bishkek on April 30. Press service of the Commandant’s Office of the capital reported.

The roadblock at the intersection of Kirgizskaya and Little Chui Canal Streets was moved to the intersection of Saadaev and Kirgizskaya Streets, the post from Molodaya Gvardiya Boulevard — Little Chui Canal was also moved to the intersection of Molodaya Gvardiya — Saadayev Street. The post on Osmonkul — Little Chui Canal was moved to the intersection of Drevesnaya Street and Alamedin river.

The same order removed the following roadblocks:

  • Traffic Safety Department post (Malovodnoye village);
  • Bypass road — Sovkhoz Frunze Street;
  • Prigorodnoye village (treatment facilities);
  • Bypass road — Mayevka village (ring road);
  • Bypass road — Kirgizskaya Street;
  • Bypass road — Alma-Atinskaya Street;
  • Traffic Safety Department post (Kirgshelk village);
  • Chortekov street — Zhaiyl Baatyr Street.

The Deputy Commandants and the head of the Department of the Ministry of Emergencies for Bishkek were instructed to remove military personnel, employees and involved persons from these roadblocks (posts).