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State of emergency in Bishkek: Where roadblocks are set up

A curfew is imposed in Bishkek from today. Restrictions on entry and exit from the capital of Kyrgyzstan will be in force from 21.00 to 5.00 for all citizens and stateless persons, with the exception of state and municipal employees who carry out and contribute to the activities of the city commandant’s office.

Checkpoints will be set up at the intersection of:

  • Deng Xiaoping Avenue and Alykulov Street;
  • Molodaya Gvardiya Boulevard and Big Chui Canal;
  • Togolok Moldo Street and Big Chui Canal;
  • Orozbekov Street and Big Chui Canal;
  • Abdrakhmanov Street and Big Chui Canal;
  • Osmonkul Street and Big Chui Canal;
  • Alma-Atinskaya Street and Big Chui Canal;
  • Kalinin Street and Big Chui Canal;
  • Zhibek Zholu Avenue and Big Chui Canal;
  • Auezov and Ankara Streets;
  • 7 April and Tokombayev Streets.

As well as in the villages:

  • Prigorodnoye — Fuchik Street;
  • Chon-Aryk near the Bishkek Petroleum gas station;
  • Orok;
  • Selektsiya.

The following measures are also imposed during the curfew:

  • Special regime of entry and exit of citizens and stateless persons to the territory of Bishkek;
  • Ban on sale of weapons, strong chemicals;
  • Restriction on sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages from 18.00 to 9.00 daily;
  • Ban on holding meetings, rallies, street marches, demonstrations and pickets, as well as entertainment, sports and other public events in the capital;
  • Use of duplicating equipment, as well as radio and television transmission equipment, audio and video equipment, if these means can be used to aggravate the current situation.