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Government of Kyrgyzstan tells about compensation payments to doctors

All employees who are living in the barracks, in the foci of coronavirus — at infectious diseases departments, intensive care units, virology laboratory, will get compensation payments. The Deputy Prime Minister Aida Ismailova told at a briefing today.

According to her, 2,300 soms will be paid to doctors, 2,000 soms — to paramedical staff, and 1,800 soms — to the junior medical staff per day of work. This money will be paid depending on the actual number of days worked.

«Those who work according to the schedule in the foci of the spread of coronavirus will be paid for an hour of work. Doctors will get 100 soms, the paramedical staff — 90 soms, the junior medical staff — 80 soms per hour of work. Emergency medicine centers employees will be paid depending on transportation of one infected person. Doctors will get 600 soms, paramedical staff — 500 soms, junior medical staff traveling with a medical emergency team — 400 soms,» Aida Ismailova told.