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State debt of Kyrgyzstan reaches $ 709 per each citizen

According to the results of February, state debt of Kyrgyzstan amounts to $709 per each citizen. Over the month, the debt burden reduced by $ 1.

According to the Ministry of Finance, as of February 29, 2020, the state debt (external plus internal) of Kyrgyzstan amounted to $ 4,606.13 billion (321,738.15 billion soms), including $ 3,860.87 billion (269,682.05 billion soms) — external, and $ 745.26 million (52,056.1 billion soms) — internal debt.

Over the month, the country’s state debt fell by $ 10.43 million. At the same time, external debt decreased by $ 13.7 million, and internal, on the contrary, grew by $ 3.27 million.

The republic still owes most of all to the Export-Import Bank of China — $ 1,793.25 billion (46.4 percent of the total external debt of the Kyrgyz Republic). Over the month, the figure reduced by $ 810,000.

At the end of February of this year, the state debt amounted to 48.23 percent of GDP.

As of March 1, at least 6.5 million people lived in the country. An average salary in Kyrgyzstan is 17,173 soms. As a result, it turns out that the state debt makes up almost three average salaries of each Kyrgyzstani.