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Kyrgyzstan has lowest level of state debt per capita among EAEU countries

Kyrgyzstan has the lowest level of state debt per capita. Data of the Eurasian Economic Commission say.

As a result of 2019, the state debt of Kyrgyzstan amounted to $ 4,587 billion. This is the minimum figure among the EAEU countries.

Russia has the largest debt — $ 192.3 billion. Moreover, most of the debt in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan is domestic debt, while it is still external in other states of the union.

The ratio of debt to population shows different results. It turned out that the highest level of debt per capita is in Armenia — $ 2,517.2, and the lowest — in Kyrgyzstan ($ 705.7). The ratio of debt to population in Kazakhstan, Armenia and Belarus is higher than $ 2,000.

If you look at the level of external debt, then Russia has least of all foreign loans per resident — $ 283.6 per person. And the highest is in Armenia ($ 2,000).

The situation with domestic debt is different. The lowest per capita indicator is in the Kyrgyz Republic — $ 113.2, and the highest is in Kazakhstan ($ 1,510.8).