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Parliament of Kyrgyzstan to consider state of emergency issue on April 15

Natalya Nikitenko, Chairperson of the Law and Order Committee of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan, told 24.kg news agency when the Parliament will consider extending the state of emergency.

According to her, the deputies should meet on April 15. «But when making a decision, we must proceed from the opinion of our medical services, the dynamics of infection and detection. The main priority for us is the health and safety of citizens. However, we must take into account the economic and social situation of people, prospects of our economy, and social development. I believe that even if doctors consider it necessary to extend the state of emergency, quarantine and isolation measures, we must begin a phased revival of the economic activity of the population. All steps, of course, must be coordinated with the doctors,» Natalya Nikitenko said.

She believes that it is necessary to gradually open small enterprises in the service sector — hairdressing salons, repair services, trade enterprises, transport services, but with mandatory observance of quarantine and sanitary standards.

The Government should take measures on payment of utility bills for the period of state of emergency for vulnerable groups of the population, and not just defer the payment of taxes, but also offer tax holidays for enterprises that are not working.

Natalya Nikitenko

The day before, the authorities of Kazakhstan announced extension of the state of emergency until April 30. The state of emergency in Kyrgyzstan expires on April 15.

There are 339 confirmed coronavirus cases in Kyrgyzstan as of today, 51 of them are doctors.