USD 84.23
EUR 99.16
RUB 1.14

U.S. dollar selling rate returns to 78 soms in Kyrgyzstan

U.S. dollar fell by 6 soms in Kyrgyzstan since the beginning of the week and returned to 78 soms.

Today, the American currency is bought for 77.3-77.5 soms, and sold — for 78-78.2 soms. During the day, the dollar fell by another som.

The nominal rate of the National Bank is at around 77.8 soms (8.33 percent drop for a day).

The Russian ruble also fell a little in price. It is bought for 0.99-1.03 soms, and sold for 1-1.08 soms. The official rate is 1,0428 soms (6.93 percent drop for a day).

U.S. dollar exchange rate began to grow last week and reached the value of 85 soms. The National Bank conducted an intervention in order to smooth out the sharp fluctuations in the foreign exchange market.