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Home self-isolation regime introduced in Moscow

Home self-isolation regime was introduced in Moscow city (Russia) for all its residents. Website of the mayor of the Russian capital says.

People are allowed to leave their apartments only in cases of turning for emergency medical care and other direct threats to life and health. The Muscovites, who are to appear at the workplace, are allowed to make purchases at the nearest store or pharmacy, walk their pets at a distance not exceeding one hundred meters from the place of residence, take out the trash.

In the coming days, it will be possible to go out with a special pass.

The new rules do not restrict movement of personal and official, special and public transport.

«Over the next week, a smart system of monitoring compliance with the home self-isolation regime and set rules for the movement of citizens will be launched. Gradually, but steadily we will tighten the control necessary in this situation,» Sobyanin said.

The home self-isolation regime does not limit the right of citizens to come to Moscow or leave the city.

In addition, the mayor ordered to pay compensation to all unemployed. The total size of benefits and new payments will amount to 19,500 rubles per month.