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Rallies ban: Mayor Aziz Surakmatov abandons unconstitutional initiative

The decision to cancel rallies through the court was personally made by the Mayor of Bishkek Aziz Surakmatov, the Bishkek City Hall said.

The press service notes that the decision was made in order to prevent coronavirus and stabilize the situation in the capital. It was not connected with the decision of the Government or the decisions of other state bodies.

«This issue has caused controversy in society: some people want a ban on rallies, while others adhere to the norms of the Kyrgyz Constitution. As of today, the City Hall has decided to revoke court decisions to consider such issues in the legal field and in accordance with the country’s Basic Law,» the press service added.

At the same time, the City Hall clarifies that in case of a virus outbreak or destabilization of the situation, the mayor will exercise his right to go to court.

However, neither officials nor Aziz Surakmatov himself explained what «the City Hall decided to revoke the court’s decisions» means. A court decision can only be reversed by another court decision.

Earlier, the Pervomaisky District Court decided to restrict holding of protests and peaceful assemblies in the district until July 1, 2020. A similar decision was made by the Leninsky District Court.

Recall, feminists planned to hold a women’s march of solidarity on March 8 in Bishkek. However, city officials opposed the campaign. It is still unknown whether the planned march will take place after officials refused to violate the Constitution, which guarantees Kyrgyzstanis the right to peaceful assemblies and rallies.