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About 829 trees cut down in Bishkek in 2019

Bishkekzelenkhoz cut down 829 emergency trees in the capital in 2019. Spokesperson for the municipal enterprise Aida Aidaralieva posted on Facebook.

According to her, the enterprise conducted an analysis of tree felling in Bishkek since 2010.

«The largest number of trees was cut down in 2017 due to implementation of the project on reconstruction and expansion of roads. It included cutting down 2,938 trees,» she said.

At least 1,141 trees were cut down in 2018, and in 2019 — 829.

According to her, the trees in the city were removed only on the basis of their emergency state.

Aida Aidaralieva added that 167 trees fell in 2019. One of the reasons was repair work, during which the root system was damaged.

According to her, 5,331 deciduous and 2,744 coniferous trees have been planted in Bishkek in 2019.

«The trees planted in twigs in 2019 (standard planting material) will be visible to citizens in 2023-2025, when a certain thickness of trunks and height is reached,» she added.