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Kyrgyzstan blocks more than 100 websites, 300 social media accounts

At least 97 websites were recognized as extremist, and access to them was prohibited in Kyrgyzstan in 2019. The Prosecutor General’s Office reported.

Court also restricted access or completely blocked 21 information resources advertising drugs, and 300 pages and accounts on social networks.

According to the data of the main supervisory body, the decision on blocking was made following consideration of 27 applications received by the Kyrgyz Republic on recognizing information materials as extremist and terrorist.

In 2019, the prosecution authorities submitted 257 acts of prosecutorial response to the executive authorities and local self-government bodies, based on which 225 officials were brought to disciplinary responsibility.

The Prosecutor General’s Office also noted that in order to inform citizens about information materials prohibited by the courts, the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic publishes on its official website a list of materials that are prohibited from distribution, duplication and handing over to other people in Kyrgyzstan.