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Financial assistance can be rendered to wounded snow leopard

The State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry of Kyrgyzstan opened a special bank account to raise funds for treatment of snow leopard. Press service of the state agency informed 24.kg news agency.

Such a decision was made after numerous requests of citizens caring for the fate of the beast. The agency promises to inform about the state of the snow leopard and the incoming funds from individuals and legal entities.

Anyone can transfer funds to the account:

BIC 129001 current account: 1299003230427088 (in soms);

ACC: 1299003230427189 (in U.S. dollars).

 «The snow leopard is under the constant supervision of the agency’s employees and veterinarians. He gets well. His condition is stable. A consultation of doctors will take place soon, who will decide on an eye operation and the need for a second operation to extract the remaining pellets,» the state agency noted.

The agency added that the search for the law breaker, who shot at the snow leopard, continues. Director of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry Mirslav Amankulov took this matter under his personal control and appealed to the Minister of Interior with a request to expedite its solving.

Recall, the wounded leopard was found on January 9 on a tree in a forest in Talas region of Kyrgyzstan. He was transported to Bishkek and underwent surgery. The state of the predator is assessed as satisfactory. He will be operated on for the second time. The State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry, together with law enforcement agencies, finds out who shot at the leopard. The animal was named Zhaabars.

The second snow leopard was found in Naryn region. The predator tried to attack the cattle, but the dogs scared it. The animal ran into the barn and no longer tried to escape. After examination, it turned out that this is a female about 11-12 years old. She was named Ak-Moor and taken to a rehabilitation center in Ananyevo village.