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Batken residents demand apology from Deputy Prime Minister Zhenish Razakov

Residents of Batken and Leilek districts demand an apology from the Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Zhenish Razakov. They told reporters today.

According to them, Zhenish Razakov slandered participants of the rally in support of Batken, as well as all the residents of the region on behalf of whom they spoke.

«Zhenish Razakov said that we came to the rally for a money reward. How can you say this about people who protect their land and turn to the authorities for help in solving border problems? We came to Bishkek not by choice. Every time when there is an incident at the border, we have to flee, leaving our houses,» Bekmat Tadzhibaev, a resident of Ak-Tatyr village, said.

The Batken residents also catch the Deputy Prime Minister in a lie.

«On January 15, mainly residents of Batken region spoke in the capital. Zhenish Razakov lied when he said that only the residents of Leilek participated in the rally. For example, Kok-Tash and Ak-Sai also do not trust Zhenish Razakov. We demand his resignation and apology,» said Azizbek Salibai uulu, a resident of Batken region.

Batken residents intend to convene a kurultai in the region on border issues.

Earlier, a deputy of the Parliament Zhanar Akayev also demanded an apology or resignation of Zhenish Razakov.

It is known that already two participants of the rally in support of Batken filed a lawsuit against the Deputy Prime Minister Zhenish Razakov. They demand a refutation of statement of the official that the rally participants on January 15 came out for a money reward.