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Participants of rally in support of Batken sue Zhenish Razakov

Two participants of a rally in support of Batken filed a lawsuit against the Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Zhenish Razakov. A journalist Kanyshai Mamyrkulova told 24.kg news agency.

They demand a refutation from the Deputy Prime Minister on his statement that the rally participants came out for a money reward.

«Let Zhenish Razakov prove in court who of us, how much and from whom received the money. He slandered us. Each of us demands 5 million soms from him,» Kanyshai Mamyrkulova said.

The journalist Kanyshai Mamyrkulova and a civic activist Samat Aliyev filed the lawsuit in the Pervomaisky court in Bishkek. Other rally participants expressed their willingness to support them and go to court on the social media.

Recall, a rally in support of Batken was held in Bishkek on January 15, where participants demanded resignation of Zhenish Razakov due to a lack of trust in him. The Deputy Prime Minister denied all the allegations and said that people participated in the rally for money.