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Court finds dismissal of Aleksey Petrushevsky unreasonable

The Sverdlovsky District Court of Bishkek found dismissal of Aleksey Petrushevsky from the post of a Director of the Center for Rehabilitation of Children and Youth at the City Administration of Bishkek unreasonable. He announced at a press conference at 24.kg news agency.

«The trial is ongoing, lawyers are working. The case is currently at the appeal stage in the higher instances,» Aleksey Petrushevsky said.

Recall, Aleksey Petrushevsky is accused of abusing his official position as the director of the center. In 2017, a stranger began to help a boy, whose mother had an asocial lifestyle. The director of the center allowed the child to meet with her. According to the investigation, he had no right to do this.

He was recently criticized and even accused of pedophilia and sale of children. More than one check was carried out at the center, but the facts were not confirmed. In March 2019, he was fired. A criminal case was opened against him in summer.

According to Aleksey Petrushevsky, he is currently suing for his reinstatement in the office of director of the center.