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Aleksey Petrushevsky to appeal decision of Bishkek City Court

Aleksey Petrushevsky will appeal the decision of the Bishkek City Court, which recognized his dismissal from the post of director of the Center for Rehabilitation of Children and Youth as legal and reasonable. He himself told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the court decision was unexpected for him.

«During the proceedings on May 13, we filed a cassation appeal to the Supreme Court after the City Court refused to consider our request to suspend liquidation of the center until the issue of my dismissal is resolved. According to the law, the process must be suspended until the Supreme Court decides on the complaint,» Aleksey Petrushevsky said.

He noted that he did not understand why the City Court decided to continue consideration of the case. «I will appeal the decision of this instance,» Aleksey Petrushevsky added.

Recall, Aleksey Petrushevsky had been heading the Center for Rehabilitation of Children and Youth at the Bishkek City Hall for almost 16 years.

In recent years, he was criticized and even accused of pedophilia and sale of children. Several inspections have been conducted at the institution, but the facts were not confirmed.

In March 2019, he was fired from the post of director. A criminal case was opened in summer. Petrushevsky was accused of abusing his official position as the director of the center.

Earlier, the Sverdlovsky District Court of Bishkek declared the dismissal of Aleksey Petrushevsky from the post of the director of the children’s center unreasonable.

In December 2019, he received an award of the French State Advisory Commission on Human Rights (CNCDH).

It is still unknown whether the lawyers of Aleksey Petrushevsky will challenge the decision in the Supreme Court.

In March 2020, employees of the center were informed of its liquidation. Earlier, deputies of the Bishkek City Council proposed to close the rehabilitation center, transferring children to other institutions, and open a kindergarten in the building. However, it turned out later it would be necessary to demolish an indoor football field built at the expense of grant money for it.