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26 botulism cases registered in Bishkek since beginning of 2019

Since the beginning of 2019, at least 26 cases of botulism have been registered in Bishkek. There were only 10 such cases in 2018. The Center for State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance of Bishkek reported with reference to its Chief Physician, Ryspek Sydygaliev.

According to him, in December 2019, two cases of food poisoning were recorded associated with spontaneous street trading. A woman was hospitalized on December 7. She ate a canned salad bought from a street seller. On December 11, the victim ate an eggplant pate. The canned product was bought next to one of the hypermarkets. The patient was hospitalized.

The center reminded that the toxin often does not change the appearance, smell and taste of the product, so the available homemade canned food should be boiled for 15-20 minutes 6-12 hours before eating it.

Boiling, frying of food and any canned products before serving is the main measure of prevention of botulism, other intestinal diseases and food poisoning.