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Schoolchildren to be taught energy saving in Kyrgyzstan

Education program «How to save electricity in a house» was adapted and is at the stage of implementation in Kyrgyzstan. Manager of UNDP-RTF Regional Project Suren Gyurjinyan told journalists.

According to him, the pilot project is planned to be launched in the near future at two Bishkek schools — at gymnasium 65 and educational complex 69. The program consists of a workbook for schoolchildren and teaching materials for teachers of 2-4 grades.

«The program had been previously developed and tested in the Russian Federation with the support of the UNDP-GEF project «Building Energy Efficiency in the North West of Russia.» Special attention in its implementation is paid to game technologies, which will contribute to formation of a model of «energy-saving» behavior of a primary school student at home and at school,» Suren Gyurjinyan stressed.