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Kyrgyz authorities constantly make concessions in negotiations with Tajikistan

Kyrgyzstan’s authorities constantly make concessions in negotiations with Tajikistan during conflicts on the border. Deputy of Kulunda rural council of Leilek district, Batken region Shaiyrbek Orozaliev told today at a press conference at 24.kg news agency.

According to him, as a result of September conflict in Maksat village, residents of Tajik village Ovchi-Kalach got access to Football Field area.

«Previously, they wrote a letter and obtained a permission to play on the football field. They have open access now. They have claimed this area for a long time. In addition, at the request of the Tajik authorities, Kyrgyzstan removed an observation tower at a border post in Maksat village,» the deputy said.

While the Kyrgyz authorities are inactive, Tajikistan is actively advancing on the territory of the republic.

Shaiyrbek Orozaliev

 «Tajikistan in every way impedes the repair of Kulundu — Maksat road, although this is our territory. Recently, without warning, containers were installed in the disputed area very close to Kairagach post. Previously, there was a signboard of Leilek customs post. Tajikistan removed it in 2018. Despite this, our government continues to be silent,» he said.