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Some provisions of new alimony law to cause disputes in Parliament

Some provisions of the new law on alimony will cause controversy in the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan. Deputy Aisuluu Mamashova told at a press conference at 24.kg news agency.

According to her, the amendments are in the first reading mode. The social committee has already considered them. The next in line are law enforcement and constitutional committees.

«They consist mainly of men. I think there will be interesting discussions. I think that the norms on taking a child outside the country by a court decision, increased responsibility for the failure to comply with the court decision on tax payments up to the criminal one, and specification of the concept of a deadbeat parent will cause controversy. Many believe that two months of non-payment of alimony is a short time for recognition of such a parent deadbeat. However, when you have a baby and this is the only source of income, it is difficult to imagine even one day,» said Aisuluu Mamashova.

Women deputies have developed amendments to the Family Code and the Code of Misconduct in order to more effectively deal with deadbeat parents.