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Alexander Ryabushkin and his wife intend to regain Vecherniy Bishkek

The Pervomaisky District Court of Bishkek did not sustain the lawsuit of Alexander and Galina Ryabushkins regarding recognition of them as owners of 50 percent of Rubicon LLC and 68 percent of the shares of Vecherniy Bishkek Publishing House. Alexander Kim’s lawyer Sergey Vorontsov informed 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the couple filed a lawsuit to recognize the decision of the court dated September 24, 2014 legal, according to which they were recognized as owners, and the shares of Vecherniy Bishkek were transferred to them. However, the court refused to accept the claim for consideration. All assets remain with Alexander Kim. «The Ryabushkins did not appeal the decision of the district court,» added Sergey Vorontsov.

Recall, Alexander Ryabushkin was also a defendant in a criminal case on appropriation and embezzlement of dividends of shareholders of Vecherniy Bishkek Publishing House. The trial ended at the first instance court in August. The defendants’ guilt was recognized, a fine of 220,000 soms was imposed on each of them. Alexander Ryabushkin was released from custody in the courtroom.