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Safe City: Deputies plan to reduce fines for minor violations

Committee on Law and Order, Combating Crime and Corruption of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan approved amendments to the Code of Violations in the first reading.

The changes involve a reduction of fines for minor violations, in particular for crossing the stop line and maneuvering.

According to a deputy Natalya Nikitenko, given the high traffic flow in Bishkek, it is difficult to comply with the traffic rules.

«Statistics say that the throughput capability in Bishkek is 40,000 vehicles, but in fact more than 420,000 cars are registered in the capital, not counting those who enter the city. With this flow, it is difficult to comply with the traffic rules. Surveillance cameras help, but it is necessary to increase responsibility when issuing driver’s licenses and improve knowledge of traffic rules. We can not achieve results by fines only,» said Natalya Nikitenko.