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Ex-head of Infocom: Alina Shaikova gave me $ 20,000 for lobbying Garsu

Ex-head of Infocom state-owned enterprise Talant Abdullaev admitted that the former chairwoman of the State Registration Service of Kyrgyzstan Alina Shaikova allegedly gave him $ 20,000 for lobbying the interests of the Lithuanian company Garsu Pasaulis.

A video of his confession appeared on social networking sites.

He told that he met with the ex-head of the State Registration Service twice — in December 2018 and in January 2019.

«I had two meetings with Alina Shaikova, the former chairwoman of the State Registration Service. In December 2018, she said that she had met with some individuals — representatives of Garsu Pasaulis, and she was offered to assist in lobbying for the interests of the company in the framework of a tender for electronic passports. The second meeting was presumably held in January 2019 in her office. I got the money in the amount of $ 20,000,» Talant Abdullaev said in the video.

According to him, the money was handed over as a result of the first meeting, when she mentioned that she had met with people who called themselves representatives of Garsu Pasaulis.

«She made it clear that these were the concrete results of the first meeting, that is, lobbying for the interests of Garsu Pasaulis,» the former head of Infocom reports.

Recall, the scandal in the State Registration Service broke out due to the fact that the tender commission gave the 1st place to Garsu Pasaulis.

Two other participants, Muhlbauer ID Services GmbH and IDEMIA France SAS, said they did not agree with the decision of the tender commission. An Interdepartmental Commission for Consideration of Complaints and Protests sent a request to the State Procurement Department asking to apply to the State Committee for National Security and give a legal assessment of the facts in the complaint.

The Anti-Corruption Service of SCNS began investigative measures in the framework of the criminal case.

Director of the state-owned company Infocom Talant Abdullaev is under house arrest. The head of the SRS Alina Shaikova was dismissed, but it became known that she had fled and was put on the wanted list in August.

The scandal surrounding the tender for the production of forms of biometric passports became the reason for resignation of the head of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan Idris Kadyrkulov.