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Veronika Nikishina: Restrictions on remittances is incomplete integration

«Restrictions introduced by Russia on the volume of money transfers cannot be called barriers in the Eurasian Economic Union. This is the so-called incomplete integration,» Veronika Nikishina, Member of the Board (Minister) for Trade of the Eurasian Economic Commission, told reporters today.

According to her, the commission has been actively working to eliminate obstacles that arise on the way of goods, services and capital in the EEU in recent years. There is a Treaty on creation of the union, which spells out ways to solve arising problems. However, it is necessary to clearly distinguish barriers and obstacles, the minister said.

«We call obstacles that violate the Treaty barriers. But there is a large number of obstacles that are created because not everything in EEU is clear and understandable. This is incomplete integration. It seems that the parties agreed on regulation, but at the same time the countries left «gray zones», as they were afraid to lose their sovereignty or something else,» said Veronika Nikishina.

She recalled that EEC responded very quickly in case of presence of real barriers. The commission gives an order to eliminate them within a certain time. It is more difficult when formally the state did not violate the Treaty on the EEU, but others have difficulties. In this case, the EEC takes urgent measures to clarify the legal framework.

«The EEC determines a roadmap for removing restrictions and asks the government to solve the problem. We can report to country leaders to streamline what does not allow to ensure freedom of movement for business. Limiting remittances is not a barrier, but an example of incomplete integration. It is necessary to understand this and clearly separate the two concepts. It is even better not to be offended by the adoption of measures by a country. It is necessary to boldly eliminate legal lagoons in the legislation, which create real obstacles. Until we make common integration norms of law, business will face such problems,» Veronika Nikishina believes.

Recall, at the opening of the Eurasian Week Forum, the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev said that the restriction on the volume of transfers was a violation of the norms of the Treaty on the EEU. Vice Prime Minister Zhenish Razakov, in an interview with reporters, noted that Kyrgyzstan could raise this issue at a meeting of the head of EEU states.