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Automated metering system to be installed at all filling stations in Kyrgyzstan

Starting from January 1, 2020, all fuel filling stations will begin to use an automated system for recording petroleum product sales. The State Tax Service of Kyrgyzstan reported.

The requirement is spelled out in a government decree on metering of oil and oil products in Kyrgyzstan to control this market.

«Wholesale is possible only on condition of ownership of a base of petroleum products or tanks. Retail sale is possible only at filling stations if they are provided with cash registers, equipment (fuel filling columns) and an automated electronic oil product sale system,» the Tax Service said.

A feature of the automated electronic system for sale of petroleum products is the impossibility of refueling a customer without payment and a cash register receipt. Without this, the column will not get a signal for issue of an oil product.

The system allows real-time transmission of information to the Tax Service server.

Businessmen will independently purchase, install and maintain the automated system for metering petroleum products at their filling stations. It must comply with the technical requirements. In case of non-compliance with the requirements for the interaction of the automated electronic system and KKM at fuel filling stations, retail sales of petroleum products will be banned.

«For entities that have prematurely installed the automated system for petroleum product metering at filling stations, the procedure for unsealing and sealing the oil drain is not required. Entrepreneurs involved in the production, import and sale of petroleum products must draw up an electronic accompanying invoice for the shipment of petroleum products through the personal account of the information system of the Tax Service. The document should contain information about the oil product, sender, recipient, delivery vehicle, and other data,» the Tax Service said.