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Automated payment system installed at Sosnovka post

An automated payment system with an electronic barrier is working in test mode at Sosnovka post. The Ministry of Transport and Roads reported.

Sensors, CCTV cameras that determine the size, price, state number of the car, automatically record the data and transfer them to the central server of the State Directorate of the Bishkek-Osh highway have been installed. State number of a car and the fee are displayed on the information board.

Similar equipment will be installed at Kara-Kul post.

The fee will be accepted in cash and non-cash form. A RFID tag is provided for the beneficiaries, which will automatically pass them through the post. To get a ticket, the driver needs to enter into the space between the two barriers. The fee is formed based on the dimensions and recognition of the state number. In case of difficulty or erroneous data, driver can contact the operator for assistance.

RFID-tag is a sticker on the windshield for contactless payment of the fee. It allows to pass a toll road without stops at the posts.