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Kyrgyzstan hosts exercises of Su-25 pilots

Pilots of Su-25 «Grach» destroyed «an enemy» in high altitude conditions. Zvezda TV channel reports.

The exercises of Su-25 attack aircraft from the Russian Kant air base took place at an Edelweiss high-altitude training ground near Balykchi (Issyk-Kul region). The pilots carried out missile strikes at the camp and depot of conditional terrorists, and later attacked a mine-studded car.

«Pilots fulfilled the tasks of evading enemy air defense systems using heat traps. Air maneuvers were carried out in conditions of rarefied air and strong gusts of wind,» the channel said.

Su-25 is an armored subsonic attack aircraft designed to directly support the Ground Forces over the battlefield day and night in direct visibility of the target, as well as to destroy objects with given coordinates around the clock in any weather conditions. It received the nickname «Grach» in the Russian military forces.