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Kyrgyzstan has one of most liberal financial transfer systems

One of the best liberal systems for transfer of financial resources has been created in Kyrgyzstan. Danil Ibraev, member of the Presidium of the Business Council of the Eurasian Economic Union, President of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Kyrgyz Republic said at an economic conference on investment, trade and economic cooperation within the framework of the Days of Moscow in Kyrgyzstan.

«We need to be taken for a model, at least in terms of what is happening in the financial market. I think that by 2025 we will come to creation of a supranational regulator. This is not a panacea; it is not to create a single currency. There is no such agenda. However, global trends in digital money are being created, which will not only be generated, but provided with various resources to have trust in them,» he said.